Sasha and Krz:

View Sasha and Krz’s engagement photos.

View Sasha and Krz’s wedding photos.

Darby is an amazing photographer and so much fun to work with. For both the engagement and wedding photos, she was able to put us at ease when we were feeling a bit awkward and never once made us feel like our families were difficult or overwhelming. She and her assistant were the perfect amount of assertive when things needed to happen, and invisible during the big moments. We met with several photographers and couldn’t be happier choosing to go with Darby. She was always more than accommodating and her professionalism didn’t stop even after the pictures were ready. I thought we had missed a few special pictures but she made sure that we received everything we were looking for. Her additional efforts speak to her dedication and desire to make everything special for the couple.
She captured the beauty and fun of our most special day and we’re  thrilled to have the pictures to remind us for a lifetime.


Ana and Benny:

View Ana and Benny’s engagement photos.

View Ana and Benny’s wedding photos here and here.

My (now) husband and I chose Darby for our engagement and wedding pictures. Choosing Darby was one of the best decisions we made regarding our wedding! Darby is a great person to work with – she has a wonderful bubbly personality, listened to what we wanted and were looking for and guided us through the entire process. Darby made us feel and look like models! We were very happy with our pictures!


Riette and Jason:

View Riette and Jason’s engagement photos.

View Riette and Jason’s wedding photos.

I work in the wedding industry and thereby I work with a lot of different photographers.  Choosing your photographer is almost the most important vendor, it is the only item you take with you after the wedding.

Your only physical memory.  There are truly a lot of talented photographers out there, but if I had to make the decision again I would have chosen Darby again for my own wedding.  The key thing that made me choose her was at our first meeting she brought 2 albums the genuinely looked like 2 different photographers had done the work. This told me that she did not have a particular look, but that she created a method and look around the brides personal taste and personality.  And both albums were absolutely AMAZING.

Darby has also shot 2 of my clients weddings and the brides could not have been more different in personality but the photos matched each couple BEAUTIFULLY!  Honestly I cannot say enough wonderful things about her, she will be amazing to work with I guarantee it, she will give you photographs that will make you tear up!

My dad who is not impressed by much could not get over how amazing her work is!  I wish I had better stronger words to convince you how amazing she is and that you should hire her but I cannot think of any, I just know this will be a decision that you will never regret!



Brenaye and Brenton

View Brenaye and Brenton’s engagement session.

View Brenaye and Brenton’s wedding photos here, herehere, and  here.

Darby went above and beyond our expectations! We felt som comfortable around her we forgot she was there! I still think our engagement pictures were some of our most beautiful pics as a couple! can’t wait for Darby to take some pics of our growing family!


Nicole and Andrew

View Nicole and Andrew’s Royal Palms engagement photos.

View Paxton’s newborn photos.

View Paxton’s toddler photos.

View Paxton’s Day in Our Life session.

Darby is such a joy to to work with and makes taking pictures so comfortable and easy.  My husband and I have taken many pictures with Darby from our engagement pictures to our sons first pictures after he was born.  She is like part of the family catching all of our amazing moments.  We recently took advantage of her new sessions a day in life of and are anxiously awaiting to see how they turned out…we are sure they will be nothing but the best as her shots/style is nothing but amazing.  We are always impresssed with her work and our home is proof of that as we have lined our walls with her photos.  We look forward to having Darby catch many more of our life moments.



Amber and Jeremy

View Amber and Jeremy’s wedding photos.

Darby Rocks!Because we’re from Seattle and we were eloping in Sedona, we didn’t know of any local photographers.  I researched online for a couple months to find just right one.  As soon as I came across Darby’s website, saw her portfolio, and watched her little video that showed her personality, I was convinced that she was “the one”!  I was just hoping her prices weren’t outrageous!  So we contacted her, explained what we wanted, got a custom quote, and we were literally blown away by how reasonable she was!Because we flew in from Seattle the day before our wedding, we didn’t get to meet Darby until the actual time of the wedding.  This was no problem however, because Darby is so easy to get along with.  She was kind, funny, laid-back (we felt totally comfortable), she came up with great ideas (things we would have never thought of), and she was fully dedicated to the job at hand!  She was about as pregnant as could be yet she did some serious hiking during our elopement session, we were impressed with and thankful for her enthusiasm and hard work during that day!Our pictures turned out more amazing than we could have ever hoped for!  Our friends and family have also been blown away by what she has given us to remember that special day!  Her talent and personality make her one of the finest photographers I’ve ever worked with!  If we lived in Arizona we’d definitely be using her for any and all of our photography needs!  Thanks again Darby for your talent and hard work, we love and treasure our wedding photos!



Jennifer and Mark


View Jennifer and Mark’s engagement photos.

As you all know, picking a wedding photographer is one of the most important items on your “to do” list when planning your wedding. When searching for a photographer, I came across Darby Elizabeth. She has such a creative sense of style and definitely unique. I was not looking for the traditional wedding photo’s. She sold me on the “Crazy Beautiful” photo session. Please be sure to ask her about that. It was a pleasure working with Darby and would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.


Doug and Darsha



Cody and Leyla

View Cody and Leyla’s engagement photos.

View Cody and Leyla’s wedding photos.

View Cody and Leyla’s family photos.

Darby is one of the most talented photographers I know. We were so thrilled when she agreed to do our wedding pictures a few years back. We could not be more pleased with how they turned out. The whole experience was so comfortable and enjoyable and we cherish the pictures we have of our special day. Now our little family is growing. We have already had Darby take 2 sessions of family photos and are already scheduled for a 3rd. Darby truly has a creative eye and talent for capturing those special moments in life. She is our family’s photographer and we love her!


Laura and Tom

I remember being instantly impressed with her ability to take beautiful and creative photos – of any subject. I knew then that I wanted to use her as my wedding photographer. When I got engaged last fall, the easiest decision I made was to have Darby take our engagement photos. We had a great shoot, and love all of our photos. It was hard to decide which to use for the announcement, so we used a few. :) My only regret is that we got married in Kentucky, and couldn’t fly her to take the wedding day photos as well!


David and Rennai

View David and Rennai’s engagement photos.

View David and Rennai’s wedding photos here, here, here, and here.

View David and Rennai’s daughter’s photos.

I had previously worked in the wedding business and worked with Darby Elizabeth many times before it was my turn to get married. I knew from experience Darby’s personality, quality and style were exactly what I wanted on my wedding day, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! My engagements and wedding day photos are amazing, she captured everything I could have wanted and included the perfect mix of traditional, artistic and candid. I’ve worked with many photographers, but the only one I trust to capture my most special moments is Darby Elizabeth Photography!
Also from Rennai:
I absolutely adore the “Day in our Life” moments you captured for our little family, they are amazing! Everyone who sees them loves them too, and such a unique idea! Now we have a set of baby pictures to add to our collection of Darby Elizabeth Photography photos! Thank you, I’m totally in love!


Mark and Deborah


Anyone can see from viewing Darby’s site that she produces beautiful, unique, well-executed photographs. She can portray witty, loving, funny, or thoughtful with any subject. What you may not know is that the sample of art on her website is just that, a sampling. She produces great shots over and over again. When the time came for me to make my wedding album I could not choose less than 100 favorites! Darby was one of 3 attendees on my wedding day and her fun tricks like having us laugh hysterically out loud to produce our grinning couple photos to her unique location choices will forever make her the best decision I made for my wedding, besides choosing my groom. A year later, we were thrilled to hire her again for our first child’s newborn photos. Her soothing voice and the care she showed for my son will forever make Darby a staple in my family’s life for recording our milestones.


Vanessa and Adrian

View Vanessa and Adrian’s engagement photos.

View Vanessa and Adrian’s wedding photos.

Darby Elizabeth Photography was a fantastic investment for our wedding day.
Darby was so easy going and so much fun to work with, and she made us feel so comfortable.
We were so happy with the outcome, our pictures were so amazing!
She is an amazingly talented photographer and I am so glad she was able to capture our special day.


Cindy and Ben


View Cindy and Ben’s family photos.
I’ve known Darby as a personal friend for about 15 years and she is one of the most
down to earth people I know. She is also very savvy when it comes to style and
design. Darby is hilarious, but also has a lot of tact.When we had our family photos taken I went in with the same fear that I always
do on picture day… “My kids aren’t going to smile”. My girls tend to be shy around
other adults, especially photographers. I told Darby my concern and she promised
me that she would get them to smile. I was hopeful, but as usual, the session started
out with glum faces and heads buried in shoulders. I was happy when Darby didn’t
even react to it and just kept shooting. She told me to relax and just let them smile
when they are ready. Brilliant. After a few poses and laughs, Darby had us all at ease
and my children’s smiles were flashing! Darby was so relaxed and confident and
took whatever time we needed and wanted without rushing. I now have the most
beautiful pictures of my family and individual shots of my girls that I will cherish
forever! Thank you Darby.


Erica and Rich

Darby’s work is like an old friend.  From the minute she steps into the event she puts people at ease with her warmth, humor and comfortable style.  She is amazing at capturing meaningful moments and gets right to the essence of the human spirit.  We flew her out to California for our son’s bar mitzvah and we couldn’t be happier with the results.


Chris and Muffin


Darby is one of the sweetest people to work with. Not only does she take great photos, but she is also an amazing person. She really takes the time to make sure that you are getting quality photos. I’m a graphic designer and I know a quality photograph when I see one. Darby takes those kinds of professional photographs. She takes the time to make sure that every shot she takes is a quality one that really portrays you and your families personalities. I’m always blown away how she can do that. We only had 30 minutes with her and still walked away with photographs that I know I wil cherish the rest of my life. Thank you Darby for capturing memories with my family!


Mindy and Steve


From 6 years ago as our wedding photographer to now capturing the Gray Family Photo; Darby has always been great to work with and we consider her an extension of our family.  She is very talented and I consider it an honor to have her as our photographer.


Mike and Amber

View Mike and Amber’s wedding engagement session.

View Mike and Amber’s wedding photos here, here, and here.


Jester’z Improv Troupe

View Jester’z company event photos.

I have used Darby photography skills in many ways over the years and all of them have been wonderful but just to break it down.When my wife and I got engaged we hired Darby to take our engagement pictures and she did a fantastic job. She had dozens of locations that were exactly what my wife and I were looking for. She was easy to work with and knew what she was looking for in a shots, so there wasn’t any wasting time trying to get the right angle or position. The photos turned our perfect, they were edited very professionally and we got them in a timely manner.I am the marketing director for Jester’Z Improv in Scottsdale. We were celebrating our 10 year anniversary and wanted to bring a photographer in to help us capture the event in photography. Again, I called Darby and again, she delivered. We asked her to photograph a live show and she did an excellent job. The show was sold out but Darby was able to capture the moments in our show that we will remember for ever, everything from the audience to the actual performers. We use the pictures Darby took everyday on our website and in our external advertising. I would recommend Darby for any professional business photo shoot, she is professional and very good at what she does.


Lisa and Eric


View Lisa and Eric’s session.

When Eric & I scheduled a photo shoot with Darby we were so excited!! Darby made it effortless and really made us feel at ease during the entire shoot, she is funny and very down to earth…Darby was able to capture some amazing shots that we will cherish for years to come..I would recommend Darby to anyone!!  We love Darby so much we are doing another session with her in Feb and we are just as excited as we were about the first session.


Amber and Ethan

View Ethan and Amber’s wedding photos here, here, here, here, and here.

View Ethan and Amber’s engagement photos here.

Darby was so fantastic to work with for our wedding!  She was so nice and professional and made our wedding that much more fun.  She is so creative and talented and now we have all the fabulous pictures that Darby took to remind us of our special day!  The photos are beautiful, and we can’t wait for another excuse to work with Darby again!


Jake and Stefanie


7 years ago on February 26th Darby (my weddingfilm)and her crew had taken some of the most beautiful photographs we will cherish forever. All of the pictures (and video) turned out more impressive than we could have ever imagined. Darby and her crew set out to capture the beauty and love of our special day and succeeded beyond all our expectations!!The professionalism and non-obtrusiveness of the crew was amazing. The photojournalistic approach really captured every detail of the entire day! Their laid-back personality contributed to a relaxing atmosphere that we thoroughly enjoyed! After 7 years we still hear comments about how beautiful our pictures and video turned out. We continually recommend Darby Elizabeth photography and my weddingfilm to friends and family!


Summer and Steve

View Summer and Steve’s engagement photos.

When we found Darby Elizabeth we were in heaven. Darby is such a warm and wonderful person and we had a blast doing our engagement photo shoot with her.

Steve and I love our wedding photography. All of the beautiful photos we have from Darby Elizabeth will be cherished keep sakes for the rest of our lives.

The pictures capture all of these wonderful intimate and detailed moments that I have been looking forward to for as long as I can remember. We look forward to hanging them in our home and sharing our albums with our children and children’s children.”


Sarah and Adam


When Adam and I were planning our wedding, we knew that having a great photographer was very important to us. We wanted someone who would capture all the special moments of our wedding day, and that is why we chose Darby. We couldn’t have been more thrilled with how our engagement and wedding photos turned out! We still get asked, over three years later, who our wedding photographer was. Darby was able to capture our individual style and personalities in our photos and give us memories we will always cherish. Thank you Darby!


Michael and Sabrina

My husband and I first hired Darby to work on our wedding almost 6 years ago. We have continued to bring her in to our lives- trusting her to capture the most precious and unforgettable moments of our marriage and growing family throughout the years.We cherish Darby’s photography and the soulful imaginative quality of her work. Her attention to detail always takes our breath away and often leaves a tear in my eye. Darby knew exactly how to capture the sweet magic of our newborn babies, the playful spirit of our son as a toddler and the loving bond we share as a family. Darby is so easy and comfortable to work with and time and time again we are blown away by the final artistic images she creates for us.
Darby’s photography reflects the beloved moments of our lives that we will always hold near to our hearts forever. We are very thankful to have found her.


Jeff and Elena


Ever since we used Darby Elizabeth Photography and My Wedding Film for our wedding we have used them to capture other important moments in our lives.  We still love watching our wedding film and looking through our pictures and we always say how happy we are with how our most precious moments were captured.  Darby and her team were wonderful and easy to work with and not only did they guide and direct us for the perfect shots but they seemed to highlight our personalities through their work as well.  Now we enjoy Darby photographing our family as we grow and we know we will work with her for many years to come!


Lee and Kathy

View Kathy and Lee’s family photos.

We love working with Darby Elizabeth.  She has an amazing talent for bringing out the best in her photography clients, whether catching loving emotions in adults or the carefree, whimsical spirits of children.  Darby is consistently professional in her work and delivers quality photographs according to agreed-upon schedules.  In addition to her professional skills, Darby brings fun, upbeat energy to every studio or natural setting.  Every yearly family photo shoot with her is a joy!


Sarah and Jared

View Sarah and Jared’s engagement photos.

View Sarah and Jared’s wedding photos.

View Sarah and Jared’s family photos here and here.


We love Darby!  She has grown with our family since our wedding in 2008.  We love Darby because she has a unique ability to make people feel at ease and relaxed, which allows her to capture the extraordinary beauty in all the moments that truly matter.  We also love Darby because she finds everyday moments beautiful, which captures and preserves what we, or our family, were like at a given point in time.


Beth and Eric

View Beth and Eric’s family photos.

Darby shot our wedding video in 2003 – we loved her so much we’ve just kept going back.  We have little kids, and we can always count on Darby to capture the essence of each little personality in spite of the madness that is family pictures.


Greg and Paige


View Greg and Paige’s engagement session.

View Greg and Paige’s wedding photos herehere, here, here, and here.

Darby and crew were absolutely fabulous to work with! I knew during our engagement photo shoot that she was the perfect fit for us! We had bugs swarming all over us on top of South Mountain and between swats she captured the most gorgeous photos of me, my to-be husband and step-children. Darby was organized and efficient, which is something I greatly appreciated with all of the craziness of the wedding. She captured every photo I could have asked for without needing to specifically outline it for her, which is a testament to her attention to detail. And, most importantly, she captured the magical spirit of our wedding with artistic and candid photos of everything down to the last detail. We are so thrilled with the photos, and our gorgeous photo book is our first family keepsake as we start our life together. We could not have asked for a more wonderful and talented photographer!



Brent and Allison

View Allison and Brent’s family photos.

When my family and I relocated back to AZ, I reached out to Darby to have her take our family pictures.  One thing that’s clear after working with her is that she is passionate and excited about what she does, which translated into great portraits and a great experience, especially for our 14-month old daughter.  She was extremely patient and had a great way of keeping our little girl smiling and focused.  Darby did a great job of asking us what we wanted out of the session, while giving us additional ideas.

Our experience since the session has been equally impressive.  It may have been because she was due to deliver her baby at any moment, however she had digital previews of our session available on her website eight hours after our session and a DVD of the entire sessions’ pictures sent to us within 3-4 days.  Darby doesn’t place any limitations on the digital previews or on the final portraits, so you’re free to share them online and print out as many of the pictures as you want.  There aren’t many professional photographers who do business like that.  Along with the quality of her work, this is one of the main reasons why we will continue to ask Darby to take our family pictures.



Elizabeth and Bill

View Bill and Elizabeth’s wedding photos.

I absolutely loved working with Darby. And she became a friend in the process. She knew the needs of my wedding and was able to capture the day perfectly. I waited a long time to get married and pictures were the one thing I wanted the most. Someone to capture my perfect day. And that she did! The photos were just our “style”! My husband and I have had a great time looking at them and remembering the day. We wouldn’t be able to do that without Darby! Thank you. We’ll be back for more in the future!



Katelyn and Derek

Darby is by far the best photographer in the Valley! She is so fun and entertaining and knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot! She has an amazing eye for detail and all of her pictures turn out incredible. I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Darby. She’s the best!

Janet Brown
Darby, thanks so much for the wonderful photos your created of our 13 member active family.  The portraits of the 2 babies and 3 year old are just exquisite. We will cheish them forever.
From Margo and Tyler
Darby, thanks so much for the wonderful photos your created of our 13 member active family.  The portraits of the 2 babies and 3 year old are just exquisite. We will cheish them forever.
Chad and Allie
I absolutely love Darby Elizabeth Photography! When planning my wedding, the easiest decision for me was choosing our photographer. There were no questions, we wanted Darby! We were so excited that she was available to photograph our engagement pictures and our wedding day. Darby made us feel so comfortable during our shoot and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Choosing just one picture for our announcement was impossible so we chose several and used many others for our reception. We love Darby Elizabeth Photography and will be using Darby for years to come!