About Darby

Back when I decided to get serious about becoming a photographer I set a goal for myself to take my camera out everyday to shoot and edit. It wasn’t an easy goal, but that goal became a habit and that habit sharpened my skill. Working in a medium like photography, you have to be spot on with your technical skill so that you can focus on the human element.

Photographing people requires warmth, wit, and wisdom. You need to be warm and welcoming with people, to be able to adapt and make any personality type comfortable with you. You need wit to keep people smiling, happy and engaged. You need wisdom to know when something isn’t working and to be confidant enough to move the session in a new direction.

My origins with photography stretch far back to my early years. My own dad was an enthusiast and so had a nice film camera he brought on all of our vacations. As I approached my 16th birthday I asked him for a camera of my own so that I could learn also. I took up the camera as a complete novice, learned the basics, botched many a roll of film and finally went to school with a dark room.

One of my greatest passions in the world is reading, when given the chance I would spend all day devouring a good book. While not a writer, I feel that photography gives me the opportunity to bring a thought or vision to light.

I am a mother of four beautiful children and value my relationships with them, my husband, and my family above anything else in the world. One of my main objectives anytime I photograph anyone is to show and illustrate the relationships that exist. I love to see people interact with those around them.

In 2001 I finally started my own business and have been a visual storyteller ever since.