The Royale

The Royale in Downtown Mesa

In case you haven’t heard, Mesa’s downtown is experiencing something of a revival. It’s coming in a fun and unexpected new way too. The indie, artsy and nerd scene are all meshing to make it quite a new hot spot. If you want to read more about the Royale, just jump over to the blog Lightning Octopus where you can get the skinny and find out about fun unique happenings in Arizona.

Lightning Octopus is run by my very talented and well written husband and every now and then he takes me along to shoot pictures. Ok often. This one was special because I have really been wanting to get into taking great location shots for businesses! Now granted, the Royale was under construction, but considering I was very please with the shots!

The Royale, which is run by Andrea Beesley Brown is an indie theater that is going to show fun and interesting films. Go check it out!